IT Job Roles

IT Job Roles and Descriptions across the Industry

Discover the various IT job roles with detailed description, expected growth in 2016 and a salary guide to plan your IT project needs. You will also find a breakdown by specific skills, experience required and day-to-day responsibilities for the respective IT position.


Business Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Data Analyst

Growth: 14%
Salary: $57K – $89K USD

Business Intelligence

BI Developer, BI Analyst, BI Programmer

Growth: 15%
Salary: $60K – $98K USD

Database Development & Administration

Database Developer, Database Administrator, Database Analyst, Report Developer

Growth: 15%
Salary: $52K – $133K USD

Data Warehousing

ETL Developer, ETL Admin, Data Warehouse Developer, Data Warehouse Engineer, Big Data Developer

Growth: 30%
Salary: $72K – $114K USD

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer

Growth: 22%
Salary: $69K – $125K USD

Programming and Software Engineering

Java Developer, .Net Developer, C++ Developer, C Developer, Software Engineer, Software Support Engineer

Growth: 22%
Salary: $64K – $120K USD

Project Management

IT Project Manager, IT Project Lead, IT Project Coordinator

Growth: 15%
Salary: $68K – $116K USD

Quality Assurance

Software Tester, QA Analyst, QA Engineer

Growth: 13%
Salary: $58K – $98K USD

Web Development, Design & Administration

Web Application Developer, UI Designer, UX Designer, Interface Designer, Interface Developer

Growth: 20%
Salary: $55K – $184K USD

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